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How to Feminize Your Cabin Decor

Having a cabin is exciting all on its own, but when you get to add some subtle details that relate to the female personae, it takes on a whole new light. In this article I will go over how to add a female touch to your cabin home. And guys don’t need to worry because this decor is guy approved!

First of all, let’s start with the lighting. Who doesn’t like lighting? Everybody likes a nicely lit room. But there’s something important you should know if you want to have the right mood and atmosphere that you’re going for. Lighting plays an integral part in the feel of a house. It is the most important part, in my opinion. If your cabin home isn’t properly lit, it can seem dark and uninviting. No one wants to have a home that is dark and unwelcoming. So, light it up! If your cabin home is like most other cabins, it doesn’t have much lighting. Or maybe the inside has a lot of wood, so it appears darker. You will need to install some track lighting or recessed cans. Then you will need some secondary lighting like chandeliers, wall sconces, and table or floor lamps. You might want to add some lighting to your deck or porch area too, while you’re at it. This really lights the place up and looks more welcoming from the outside, plus it adds a bit of femininity.

And there is also the option of using lanterns or candles. These are a beautiful way to add some light to your home, and a softer feminine touch as well. Many candles are faux candles now, and they use battery power to light the candle. Some even have a timer function, so as not to waste the battery. These candles are so realistic looking nowadays that you can’t tell the difference, even upon closer inspection.

Now let’s talk about throws and blankets. They are an easy way to add some femininity to a space. My top choice is a Fur style throw. This is either real fur, or my preference is a faux fur made from synthetic materials. Guys can’t argue with fur throws. They are both masculine and feminine at the same time. Other options would be anything with flannel or plaid such as blankets, pillows or place mats.

Let’s talk about artwork. Hanging art on your walls is an easy way to give your home some personality, and depending on the type of artwork, it can add some femininity too. Guys don’t always care about art, so this is an easy one to sneak in there (no offense guys…). Nature scenes and the like all tie into the cabin theme so these would fit your space. You could even put up some abstract pieces of a nature or animal theme as long as they fit the look you’re going for. Beach and lake art is popular too, as cabins are second homes for many people. The artwork usually says “Lovin Life at the Lake”, or “Cabin Rules: No Cell Phones”. These pieces are more playful and can still add some female touches.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for adding some femininity to your cabin home. I enjoyed writing it for you.

What Colors Do I Use in My Cabin Home?

When choosing the color palette for your cabin home, neutrals generally work best. Colors like brown, tan, and greens such as sage or forest, go well because they match the country setting that you’re in. Neutral colors are also found in nature, which is probably where your cabin is. Furniture that is brown or tan works well to start with, and then you add your accent furniture, artwork and accessories in other colors. If you have sheet rocked walls inside your cabin, you can paint them neutral colors that compliment the rest of your cabin home. If you want to go for a bolder look, you could add some brighter colors like reds, oranges and blues. Brighter colors will make more of a statement and aren’t for everyone. Most effectively done on accent walls or accessories, these should be kept to a minimum since they are so bold and bright. And painting your walls isn’t supposed to be wild and colorful.

Try to pick one or two wall colors for your main living spaces. It does not look professional or well thought out if you have 15 colors in your home, a different color on each wall. That just looks disorganized and tacky, like they couldn’t make up their mind on a single color and just went hog wild. I like color a lot, but I definitely don’t show it off on my walls by painting every single one a different color. I use brightly colored accents like art and furniture to display my tastes.

Also keep in mind the type of style you are going for. If you choose a more monochromatic color scheme, meaning one general color, then it will be more subdued and conservative. A lot of people start with beige or light tan walls, and add in more color with furniture and accent pieces. Accent walls are a good way to add in a bolder color, but it won’t be overwhelming because it’s only one wall. Accent walls have kind of gone out of style as far as what modern design experts say, but I still like them in a home. Accent walls can be other materials too, such as brick or textured plaster. By adding texture to an accent wall, you add personality to your home.

Since there is so much brown in most cabins because everything’s made of wood, you may want to add other colors to your space for a little variety. For example, put in a green chair or white side table. Your window treatments and curtains can also be a lighter color such as beige or cream, or even light blue. Adding bold colors in your accent pieces is a great way to add pops of color to your otherwise brown space.

If you have leather furniture, that is typically brown too, so you can add some throw pillows in a different color, or a bright colored blanket draped over the back. A popular pattern is the red and black plaid material called Buffalo Plaid. This is common in a lot of cabin homes and I think it adds rustic charm. Plaid of any color is popular in cabin homes and it creates a casual vibe and gives personality to any space. Another popular choice for accents is anything with a Southwestern theme. Think bold colors with geometric shapes, reminiscent of the Southwestern Indian tribes. These accents can be blankets or throw pillows, sculptures, artwork or even some furniture is made with this style of fabric.

If, after reading this, you’ve given it some thought, and you decide that you’re really not good enough with color, you may need to invest in an interior designer. They are equipped to make color choices and recommend what would look best in any variety of settings and style choices. They can talk you out of some seriously bad decisions, and they will probably save you money in the long run by avoiding costly design mistakes such as repainting all of your walls.

Industrial Decor Style – 5 Ways to Incorporate This Style in Your Home

Industrial décor Style is all about being mature and rustic. The industrial-style décor greatly emphasizes the liberal use of distressed wooden elements and exposed steel that is most often complemented by exposed brick walls. However, depending upon your liking and personality, it can range from rugged vintage to modern rustic with cleaner lines with elaborate ornamentations.

The bold choice for furniture

For the genuine industrial décor look, at least one wooden table is a must-have whether it’s a dining table, end table or a coffee table. Industrial style furniture emphasizes heavily on exposed steel elements, sleek chrome or coppers and raw or unfinished wood. A table can have exposed steel legs even if it’s constructed all with the wood. The new trend of using reinforced concrete is gaining much popularity since recent times and looks incredible in appearance as well. Industrial chairs and sofas look great when made in a leather finish. However, for those who dislike leather finish can opt for linen upholstered chairs and sofas that look striking equally.

Industrial lighting (Modern vs Vintage)

Industrial décor style lighting primarily comes in two categories:

Modern- geometrical designs that come with grainy or brushed steel

Vintage- Old-world charm inspired lamps with flippant details and ornamentations

Also, one of the critical components that are often overlooked for industrial décor style lighting is the use of ceiling lamps that can be a single statement piece or a series of them.

Industrial bedroom décor

Industrial bedrooms exude cool and calm. The best way to experience the house-in-an-old-factory vibe is to include iron finishes, unpolished floors to add the artist’s creativity and exposed brick walls. When all such elements come all together, it looks sophisticated, fresh and elegant. There are plenty of bed style options that will complement your industrial décor equally that ranges from exposed steel frame dressers to rustic wooden beds. The old-school furniture looks divine when embraced with contrast and combined with some add-ons such as a wood pallet that takes the whole industrial décor look to the next level. You can also mix the industrial designs with some modern touch to create an updated and fresh vibe that feels inviting and warm. The industrial night stands are brilliantly made of wood and combined with the metal or pipe stands and ultimately enhances the industrial vibe.

Industrial storage for organization

For the best industrial storage solution, find yourself something that is both aesthetically appealing and practical as well. From the sturdy modern industrial style to the raw charm of vintage originals, you always have something to keep your guests spellbound with their presence. There are plenty of options to choose from; some of the shortlisted are:

A 50’s shelving trolley: an ideal thing that enables flexible living and is useful at the same time. From moving books to kitchen crockery, it is a perfect choice for storing and moving such things.

A metal storage unit: This is a perfect way to hide away letters, stationery and much more in a creative way by introducing this unit to your space that will brighten it up with its vintage appearance.

Industrial vintage locker: the charm, the simplicity and the character, all in one.

A metal plate rack: This is a great way to add an industrial-chic edge in addition to providing storage of your kitchen items.

The options are vast when it comes to industrial décor style organization and storage such as ladder shoe rack, distressed wooden crate spice rack, bathroom storage rack and vintage utensil storage etc.

Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is a great way to add a bit of industrial style to your decor and creating a clutter free environment. Industrial shelving usually have a pipe fitting base or some kind of rustic metal. We suggest using it in your kitchen rather than upper cabinets to add a modern clean lined clutter free touch. Use shelving anywhere you would like to accessorize as well such as in your living space, bedroom bathroom or study. The sky is the limit when it comes to industrial shelving.

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Cabin Decor

Sometimes we don’t really have a knack for design, but we still want to have a home that looks like we do. In this article, I will go over some very simple, easy-to-implement ways to give your cabin home some style and flair, even if you have very little design skills.

An easy way to make your cabin feel like a cabin is to have rustic furniture and items from cabin decor stores. These kinds of items will generally be made in a natural way, with the least amount of processing possible. I’m talking about the furniture that is made of logs and branches, such as bed frames, side tables, rocking chairs and the like. These are almost always found in any cabin magazine I’ve ever seen, and they definitely give the feel of country living. Buying furniture from one of these places will surely guarantee you the rustic cabin look you are going for. They have many different styles and items to choose from.

Other items, such as anything made from antlers or hides is, generally speaking, in a cabin theme. When things are made from an animal, it has more of a country feel. Something else you can incorporate is barn wood. There are a lot of things made from barn wood nowadays. Everything from flooring to wall plank panels, to artwork and picture frames, barn wood creates a rustic look that screams cabin decor. You can’t go wrong with using barn wood in your home.

Another thing you can have in your cabin home is leather furniture. Leather comes from cow hides and generally cows come from the country and cabins are in the country…you get my point? Using leather in any capacity gives the feel of being in the country or rural setting. Whether it’s couches, throw pillows or other accents, leather can create that cabin feel very easily. And they are worth the higher cost. I would gladly invest in a leather couch, since they last longer and are more durable than a lot of the fabrics on the market today. Leather gets softer and more luxurious with age too. What other material has that quality?

Animal themed items scream cabin decor. From the Majestic Moose to the Endearing Dear, these items will surely give your home a cabin feel. There are many things that incorporate the animal theme into them such as: Artwork, Tables and Couches, Rugs, Lighting Options, and even Fireplace Screens. Anything with an animal theme on it suggests being tied to nature. It brings the outdoors in, if you will. Black Bears are a popular cabin style of decor. They are often portrayed as cute and playful for the marketing aspect, but I can assure you, they are wild animals and are best left in the outdoors! But when you can display them in your home in artwork, or sculptures or even tables, they become friendly and fun.

Probably the easiest way to make your home look like a cabin is to hang artwork with wildlife and nature scenes on them. This is the fastest way to tie in the great outdoors to the inside of your home. Plus it shows your taste in art and will be great conversation starters for years to come.

So, try some of these ideas in your home today and I assure you, your home will take on more of a Cabin feel in no time. This is your guaranteed, no stress, lazy man’s guide to cabin decor. Hope you enjoyed reading it!